Pro Silva
Gérer les bois et forêts sans coupes rases : la sylviculture à couvert continu

About Pro Silva France

Pro Silva is an association of foresters (owners, managers, professionals and forest friends) gathered to promote "continuous cover forestry", based on the irregular and respectful treatment of the natural processes of forest ecosystems. Hence the sometimes used French name of "Irregular, Continuous and Close to Nature" (SICPN) or "Close-To-Nature-Forestry" in English.

Our national association brings together about 400 members, including a large number of field practitioners (specialized managers and/or owners). The number of members is constantly increasing. 

Pro Silva France is organized into 13 regional groups, with one or two volunteer facilitators, sometimes assisted by a President. These facilitators are responsible for organizing regular forest tours, which have been the basis of the association’s operation since the beginning.

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Pro Silva France’s main activities cover the areas of training, information, communication and promotion of irregular and continuous processing of forests.

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Pro Silva France is part of the international Pro Silva network, which brings together nearly 7000 foresters in nearly 30 different countries in Europe.

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